"Wonderland 5 Terre & P.to Venere"

(Private Excursion from La Spezia Cruise Port)


Discover the wonderful Italian Riviera with a Exclusive Private Tour. Cinque Terre is one of the most suggestive tour from La Spezia Cruise Port. The Cinque Terre (ancient fishing villages) are also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Itinerary:

  • Our english speaking driver will pick you up at your Cruise Ship around 8.00 AM
  • We will drive through the Poets Gulf until we get to Portovenere.
  • First stop in Portovenere for 1 hrs (free visit of the Church, Castle and the City)
  • Then we’ll move to Riomaggiore (the 1°village of the 5 Terre). Free visit of Riomaggiore, and we’ll move to the others (Manarola,Vernazza & Monterosso) with the typical local train. (This is the best and fastes way through the mountains).
  • In Monterosso there will be our driver waiting for you for the return to your location.
  • The return is scheduled around 5.00 PM (Take a look at our detailed description of the stops).

What's Included

Please Note

Traveler pickup is offered
Our english speaking Driver-escort will pick you up at your Cruise Ship
Welcome sign always PEK TUSCANY IN LIMO + your name.
Tour aboard our 8 Seats Mercedes Minivan

What To Expect: Itinerary

Stop At: Porto Venere

Our English speaking driver will be waiting for you ath the Cruise Terminal. First stop in Porto Venere. This port is not part of Cinque Terre,… but is an Italian Riviera town known for its picturesque harbor lined with brightly colored houses and for San Pietro Church, perched at the edge of the rocky promontory. Narrow medieval streets lead up the hill to the famous Castle. The main street, entered through the ancient city gate, is lined with shops. Nearby is Byron’s Cave, in a rocky area leading to the sea where the poet Byron used to swim.

Duration: 1 hour
Admission Ticket Free

Stop At: Riomaggiore

The second stop will be Riomaggiore, where our driver-escort will give you tickets for the Park and for the picturesque local train. Known for its colorful stone houses that seem stacked on top of one another, and its harbor filled with traditional fishing boats, Riomaggiore is part of the string of five villages that make up the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO Heritage Site. The village was originally founded in the 8th century by Greek refugees anxious to take advantage of the naturally rich soil and plentiful sea life surrounding it. The Riomaggiore that we see today, however, actually dates back to the 13th century. It sits in a valley between two steep hills and was named for the stream, Rivus Major, that flows beneath it. Riomaggiore relied heavily on producing wine and olive oil from the surrounding vineyards and orchards.

Duration: 1 hour
Admission Ticket Free

Stop At: Manarola

Third stop in Manarola, the second village of the 5 lands, built on a high rock 70 metres above sea level offer an incredible sea view, and the second town (after Riomaggiore) that you’ll encounter if you’re coming up the coast from the south. The colorful houses of Manarola seem to tumble down to its small harbor on the bright blue Ligurian Sea, making it one of the most photographed of the Cinque Terre’s picturesque villages. Likely founded by the Romans, Manarola was built along a freshwater creek—its name is thought to refer to an ancient, large waterwheel (magna rota in Latin), a reproduction of which stands in the town. The current town dates to the 1300s, making it arguably the oldest of the Cinque Terre towns. Once part of the powerful Republic of Genoa, Manarola was once home to a castle and watchtower built to protect against marauding pirates. Historically and today, Manarola is known for Sciacchetrà, a sweet, highly-coveted dessert wine.

Duration: 1 hours 
Admission Ticket Free

Stop At: Vernazza

Fourth stop in Vernazza. Vernazza is probably the most famous and known of the Cinque Terre, with its picturesque harbor and the different colors of the houses that contrast with the blue of the sea. It’s the second-most northerly town of the Cinque Terre—the five fishing villages recognized by UNESCO as a living, cultural landscape of extraordinary value. Vernazza has been inhabited since at least 1080 A.D., though its origins may be much older. Once the site of a maritime military base, the town became a powerful ally to the Republic of Genoa in the Middle Ages—its fortified castle and cylindrical tower served as a lookout for approaching marauders. Its prominence declined in the 16th and 17th centuries, but the town was ultimately rescued from stagnation by the construction of the Genoa-La Spezia railway line in 1864. Today, Vernazza subsists on tourism, fishing, wine, and olive oil production.

Duration: 1 hours 
Admission Ticket Free

Stop At: Monterosso al Mare

Last stop in Monterosso. Monterosso is the largest of the five coastal villages of 5 Terre. The village is located on hills cultivated with lemons, vines and olives. Its amazing beaches, its beautiful reefs and the sea’s crystal clear waters make this small village one of the most beautifull of this area.The town is divided into two parts: the old town and the new town, also called Fegina. These two halves are connected by a tunnel used by pedestrians and the few cars that enter and exit the town. The oldest parts of Monterosso likely date to the 11th century. The ruins of a medieval fortress, including three former watchtowers built to spot invading pirates, still stand in the old town, or Borgo Antico. Monterosso al Mare is known for having the only sandy beach in the area. In Monterosso, at the end of the visit, there will be our driver escort waiting for you.

Duration: 1 hours 
Admission Ticket Free


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Inform us about any food allergies or intollerances you might have in advance during your booking procedure.

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